Differentiated Solutions

Objective: Based on an in-depth analysis of the company’s positioning, come up with solutions that leave competition behind, and design a portfolio of complementary solutions that address the most profitable segments.

Strengthening the solution portfolio

It is essential to acquire a complete understanding of current and potential customer expectations – in terms of products, services and relationships. These expectations have to be analyzed, documented and shared.

Another important step is to design an innovative customer segmentation, grouping customers based on similar expectations and needs, in order to target them with dedicated solutions.

At the same time, we provide a detailed analysis of your company’s business solutions, in order to assess their strength, their relevance and their ability to match the expectations of targeted customer groups.

Similarly, an analysis of competitive solutions will provide insight on the best way to stand out.

Therefore, it will be possible to define which products or services should be enhanced or abandoned, and to identify which solutions should be developed to win over the most promising business segments.

Designing differentiated solutions

We have a solid expertise in designing new solutions, combining products and services, whether for emerging markets or saturated markets.

We support our customers throughout the design process:

  • Structuring the project with all stakeholders (internal and external)
  • Defining the strategic platform, highlighting the most relevant differentiation factors
  • Defining the brand identity and territory
  • Facilitating all the solution design workshops
  • Integrating all outcomes before launch


  • Many innovative business solutions launched and rolled out for major corporations