Customer-Centric Roadmaps

Objective: Design and document a truly customer-oriented strategy, that can be easily understood and executed by managers.

Looking ahead

This overall strategy has to be adapted for each Division and Department: Along with your teams, we construct roadmaps that each manager can follow for maximum results. They include all action plans and milestones, permitting a regular and rigorous follow-up.

We also help companies design the governance, organizational charts and main business processes in alignment with their customer-centric strategy.

Supporting roll out

Beyond strategy design, we provide practical support to managers: We help them assess progress, identify risks and pitfalls, and also find all operational solutions that allow for the achievement of objectives within deadlines and budget.

We have already supported:

  • CEOs and Business Unit Managers
  • Heads of Sales & Marketing Departments
  • Heads of Support Services: HR, Finance, R&D, Supply Chain, etc


  • Crystal-clear customer-centric roadmaps, at corporate and department levels
  • More effective organizations
  • Increased engagement of managers and staff