Objective: Make your customers “hypersatisfied” and not merely satisfied, in order to strongly increase their loyalty, make additional sales and turn a high profit.

Why hypersatisfaction? Because delighted customers are 2 to 4 times more likely to repurchase, purchase more and recommend you than “simply satisfied customers”.

First, Understanding Before Acting

Through detailed in-depth qualitative research, we provide a complete understanding of your customer needs and expectations (in terms of products, services, relationship, innovation) and how to stand out from competitors.

In a second phase, we carry out extremely detailed satisfaction and loyalty quantitative surveys, enabling us to collect and analyze:

  • Scores on all “moments of truth” (i.e. steps of the your customers’ journey)
  • A large number of valuable suggestions and comments from your clients

This research allows us to pinpoint the most efficient levers to raise your clients’ loyalty, increase sales and boost profitability.

Then, Walk The Talk

Most companies that measure customer satisfaction never take action accordingly. Among those which act, most simply provide window dressing. As a consequence, satisfaction scores remain desperately flat year after year.

Our proven methodology aims at defining and implementing changes that can truly make your most important customers “hyper-satisfied”. Every department and manager (front office and back office) can have a significant impact on your customer satisfaction. We ensure that your goals are achieved whether they are quick-wins or significant changes.

A Change In Culture

Establishing a hypersatisfaction strategy breaks the existing paradigm and provokes a change in organizational culture. We help our client:

  • Carry out a real change management program to make sure that all stakeholders are fully supportive and engaged
  • Provide “hypersatisfaction best practices” training for all levels of management and staff


  • “Hypersatisfaction” scores doubled
  • Loyalty rate doubled
  • Solid profitability growth